My own router with Fios - only coax going to Verizon router

Hello all, I feel like I have gone through the forums pretty well and don’t think I have found the answer I am looking for. I am getting Fios internet/tv/phone installed in a couple days and I want to use my own router. My house had Fios before I moved in and I am not expecting them to run Ethernet from the ONT already here. My question is how can I use my own router when they only have coax from ONT to Verizon router?

And of course still have guide and vod still working properly to the STBs. thank you ahead of time. 

*EDIT* after a tiny bit more searching, I realize this will only work with Ethernet from the ONT, so if I don’t run my own Ethernet cable, seems my only option will be my own router in AP mode and turning off WiFi on the Fios router. 

Question then, can I use a Moca adapter to hardwire my gaming consoles/smart tv with a switch also hooked to the Moca adapter?

Re: My own router with Fios - only coax going to Verizon router
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If you are getting Verizon stbs, you will need their router to at least activate the boxes.

Read the thread on using your own router.

You will need moca adapter to feed stbs as they need internet access for guide and on demand. Plus if you intend to use the new stb wirelessly, you can only use Verizon router.