My service hasn’t worked since I signed up and they gave me the run around for 2 weeks

I’ve  never been this angry and frustrated with a business before. We have our cell service through Verizon and always had a good experience so my daughter suggested Verizon for internet when I relocated back to my home state from SC (I didn’t want Comcast) the first thing I did was type in the address to see if it can even be serviced by Verizon which they claimed it could.

I paid a $250 deposit instead of doing a credit check which was fine that was technically my choice. Then the website told me a tech would come out to make sure the phone and internet line were set up and ready to be used prior to my modem coming in the mail. The tech was there (he kept leaving and coming back) for 6 hours and when he asked me to plug in a phone so he could check the phone line i told him I didn’t have one and he said if he can’t check and a tech has to come back i would be charged $99. I said ok what about the internet he said he was only there to check the phone line. I was very confused but said ok My modem/router showed up in the mail and as soon as I plugged it in it didn’t work. On smart phones tv and Roku player the network would show up but when I would type in the password it would say “network connection error check your internet connection” since I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong I waited for my daughter to trouble shoot for me and I hadn’t moved in yet so we didn’t try again for another week or so (the next time we could get back there together) My daughter had same results. This is where it gets ridiculous...

I tried calling Verizon for help and that alone is a battle, I tried the schedule call back and I didn’t get a call the entire day. I tried the support chat on the app and spent 2 hours talking to someone and he kept “trouble shooting” and didn’t know what was wrong. I didn’t know it was going to take that long and had to go after 2 hours of failed attempts for him to help. After that I just wanted a tech to come out because it now hadn’t worked for a few weeks (since it was plugged in) and soon I’d be charged for a month of unused services. This is when i started screen shotting the chats. I finally got someone to schedule a tech for me and gave him a good review for his help, it was October 27th and he scheduled the tech for October 29. I got an email confirmation where I had to click a link and click “I agree” to the tech appointment stipulations. They said if it was their equipment not working I wouldn’t be charged but if it was a wiring problem at the house I’d be charged $99. Fine whatever please just get the tech here. I got an email AND a text saying appointment confirmed and I’d get a notification the day of the appointment with a time frame for the techs arrival. Well! The day of the appointment by 2pm I hadn’t received any communication from Verizon so I tried to contact them. It took 2 hours of support chat (which I also have screen shots of) for them to tell me the only ticket they had was my original tech that came out to check internet and phone on October 6 (but he said he wasn’t there for internet?) and nothing in system for the 29. I told them I had confirmation email and text and screen shots of the chat where it was scheduled for 29. They told me the line was disconnected so they can’t contact the tech? No idea! But they were going to transfer me to billing to fix the disconnected status. My bill (the FIRST BILL) wasn’t due until the 31 so why would billing need to help me with a disconnected line before the bill was due?! The person in billing blatantly told me he had no idea how to help and tried to transfer me to tech support who had just transferred me to billing. I said please don’t they just sent me to you! He apologized and said I should call Verizon and he promised to leave a very detailed note on my account explaining everything so that I wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself. WELL! I called Verizon and kept getting runaround so my brother finally got on the phone (I gave permission for him to speak and we had on speaker so I heard everything) because he’s an electrician and couldn’t figure out what the original tech did with the phone line (the tech had said since he couldn’t check it worked because I didn’t have a phone to check it, if he did do it wrong any electrician could fix it instead of me paying $99 to have Verizon come back) so my brother THE ELECTRICIAN told the person on the phone that we needed a tech (like I was promised and got a confirmation for that day and I waited around all day for nothing!!) and if they didn’t get a tech over here we were calling the attorney general. I even offered to pay the $99 I just wanted it to work!! After the words attorney general we were finally transferred to some one “high up” who assured me I wouldn’t be charged and they would get it fixed by 5pm the next day.  NOPE!! the next day I was told they were working on it remotely but now I was told By Monday. Monday rolled around and nothing! Tried calling support again and was told that they couldn’t schedule a tech because the ticket would erase itself overnight. At this point I was going out of my mind! Why couldn’t they just send a tech???? I got so stressed and was still getting reminders To pay my bill! I called AT&T to look into signing up with them and they told me they can’t service that address it would need to be Comcast??

 Now I’ve tried to cancel my Verizon and first the link on the app to cancel brought me to signing up for services not cancelling them so I tried in the chat and was told I have to do it over the phone. Tried calling the number was on hold forever so i have to try early tomorrow to hopefully get in touch! In the mean time they have $250 of my money and keep sending me emails that my bill is due!! 

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Be careful of that deposit. How it works if they say you owe and it’s not within the customer total 30 day satisfaction guarantee. They subtract what you owe and send the balance within 60 days.

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