NEED HELP! Customer service truly horrible & indecent

Is there anyone in here who can help me with an issue. Our internet has been non-existent for weeks and I am trying to get a new router as I was told that was the issue. I placed an order and was forced to revise the order after Verizon lied to me and said they would send the router. After following up they said they need a tech to come and he will come in December 2020. It is unbelievable to say something so stupid to someone trying to fix their internet in the immediate moment.

After being forced to pay the same price for slower internet than the deal I agreed to I am still waiting for the router. After you lied again and said you would overnight ship it I am still waiting. When I follow up with chat you lose track of where the order is, sometimes I am told it is delivered and then I am told you will call me after following up. No one ever calls. I have scheduled a call on your site for 10 days in a row now and not a single call.

I have tried social media and your teams actually stop responding mid-conversation. I have never seen a company so blatantly mistreat people. 

The email I received after placing the order has a link to see where the order is but all it does is take you to the signed in user homepage which displays no information. However there is a threat that you will charge if the old equipment is not sent. Excellent way to treat customers Verizon.

If anyone can please answer we need the internet properly functioning for work. You have taken to much of my time just to get a simple router sent. You've assuredly lost our service and that of our extended family but until the contract expires we need this fixed.

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Try this site here.

they have a good track record  of assisting. Better than the twitter and telephone and chat with verizon. Real verizon employees that know what they are doing.