Nearby customer using software to manipulate our Gateway Router.

There is someone who is interfering with our connection to the Internet, and using extremely sophisticated equipment to install software on our home computers to reroute outgoing signals to a controlled outgoing channel. This has been done to three Macintosh computers consecutively, at least since October of 2019. Although the equipment used may be very expensive, I do not think that this is some sort of police surveillance or legally authorized intrusion. Several efforts have been made to prevent intrusion using firewalls of several kinds, but these have failed in each instance to stop the increasing level of invasion. As I know nothing about networks or Verizon FiOS protocols I am pretty well stuck as to what to do next. Help!

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Now you could go into your router via and know your routers password to access it. Under the device list simply turn off each device to see which one is using this MAC address.

it is highly doubtful a person is taking over your network. You can change the password for your wifi which is easy in the routers settings.

make it difficult to have others guess what it is. Write it down so you won’t forget it.

in example it could be “IsHouldnOTgiveout12345” Without the quote marks.

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You're talking to other customers here.  If you want to reach Verizon, use their support channels @VerizonSupport on Twitter can be helpful.

That said, I'm not sure what Verizon or anyone here can do much for you.  If you think someone is getting onto your network through WiFi, change your WiFi password!  Make sure you're using the WPA2 encryption, as WEP is easily cracked.  If they are coming in through wired connections, you need better firewalls and anti-virus software.

FiOS does not use any unique protocols.  Everything is industry standard.  Rouge software can get installed on your computers if they don't have proper anti-virus or firewalls.  Verizon doesn't help with those.  Since you admit you know nothing about networks, I suggest you contact a local computer shop to help.  It will cost money, maybe a lot, but given the problems you describe and your lack of network knowledge it should be money well spent.

You should also remove all personal information from your post, including email addresses, as these forums are readable by anyone.  Given you're having security issues, best not to create more risk vectors.