Need Some Help With Gigabit speed over MOCA

Hi all,

Another one of those “help me with MOCA” posts. Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction on how to properly wire this. I’ve searched hours and can’t seem to wrap my head around this so sorry if this has been answered somewhere.

I have my own router (Deco M9 plus) and no TV service although I do plug coax from the wall and get local channels from OTA and that’s good enough for me.

I’m currently getting around ~300 mbps up and down on wireless which is probably real life speed I’m experiencing but for wired connections I’m only getting up to 450 mbps and I’m sure I can do better.

So here’s my setup:

ONT has ethernet and goes straight to router. ONT also has a coax coming out to a 6 Way splitter serving coax to the house. No other splitters from what I can see from the outside.

Router connects to a gigabit switch. One port on the switch is connected to an Actiontec ECB6200 to the IN port. One of my rooms has a coax upstairs into another ECB6200 IN port and ethernet port to another deco. I did have the OUT from the other actiontec go to back of TV but after testing this I seem to lose wifi speed. Was getting ~175mbps but after removing TV was getting back to ~300mbps. Prior to attempting MOCA I did see peak speeds of ~400mbps on the mesh node with tri-band so I know the router and mesh setup can do better. (Updated can get a Gig on the main router wired but on the mesh node only getting half using moca 2.0 bonded backhaul). 

Not sure what else I can do. Is the connection from ONT into the cable splitter not needed? If I were to disconnect it I’m assuming I’ll lose OTA. I’m also not sure what frequency the splitter is rated for since it’s outside and faded but I’ll replace it if it’s the culprit.

Should I instead put the splitter from the router to feed the coax to the rest of the house instead of it coming from the ONT?

Thanks for the help in advance. Thanks.

Re: Need Some Help With Gigabit speed over MOCA
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May you test the speeds between your ECB6200 adapters by following the 4th video tutorial (at the right of the page) made by one of our CLs?

Re: Need Some Help With Gigabit speed over MOCA
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I've got the Deco M9+ system, too.  I use it only for WiFi and routinely pull 300Mbps from it.  Sometimes close to 400.  So, your WiFi experience is similar to mine.

To test the wired speed, I suggest a few things:

  • Use the Deco App's to have the router run a speed test.  This will show you what the router is capable of pulling over it's WAN port.  I typically get about 450 down and 800 up, but my Deco is hanging of a G1100 and is running in AP mode.  I haven't tested it in router mode as a primary, as it's fast enough for my needs.
  • Plug a computer into the Gigabit switch, unplug the MoCA devices, and run a speed test.  This will further confirm what you're getting out of the Deco and Fios without worrying about MoCA.

Once you do these steps, you'll have an idea about what parts of the network are limited your speed.  If the speeds look good, add the MoCA network back in one node at a time.

When you say "OTA", that implies an antenna, not cable service.  If you're pulling local channels from Fios, then I'd expect you're paying for some level of TV service.  I don't think Verizon enables local channels for customers who don't pay for any TV service, but I could be wrong.  If you do have an antenna, you need to keep it's signal disconnected from the ONT.