Need a recommendation for someone to help setup gigabit MoCA
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I live in an apartment in NYC. The building is wired for Verizon Fios. My current setup is the ONT is in a closet in the hall outside my apartment. Coaxial runs into my apartment and my Verizon router is in the apartment front closet. I also have an Orbi mesh WiFi system. My coverage in the apartment is decent (we are currently on the max 100mbs plan). However with home school, WFH, and streaming etc I want to upgrade to Gigabit speed.

The technician came out to convert me and the problem is there is no ethernet cable running from the ONT into the apartment. Just the coaxial. In order to get the Ethernet cable into the apartment would require drilling holes etc. This is where the technician tapped out. He said I needed to get someone to run the ethernet to the router from the ONT and then they would come back and hook it up. 

I had a contractor quote me for this. It was way more than I expected ($2,500). This was because it would require repainting the entire ceiling. I can’t spend that for this upgrade so I started doing some research and it seems bonded MoCA May be the way to go.

I am thinking bonded MoCa converter at the ONT (Ethernet running between ONT and converter and coaxial out of converter into apartment). In the apartment I would have coaxial into the second converter and ethernet into Orbi router from converter. (Am I correct in that I can skip a Verizon router entirely?).

Anyway, to make a long story short, I think this will work but I don’t trust myself to not blow the whole thing up and lose internet/cable/phone etc and become public enemy #1 in my house. Therefore I am wondering if anyone knows a company that specializes in this type of work but won’t charge me anywhere near the $2,500?


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Ok. I have not tried to use MoCA adapters on the WAN side because they are intended for LAN Coax. Since they are layer 2 devices any way and ethernet is a link protocol, it is safe to assume they works on the WAN side as well.

Here are some purchase suggestions. You can buy Actiontec ECB6200, ECB6250, or ECB5240M. For ECB6200 and ECB6250, you can buy them in pairs from Amazon for around $170. For ECB5240M, a pair costs $110 from Verizon (you have to buy them from Verizon, you will be gifted with 2 coax splitters, 2 ethernet cables, and a bunch of short coax cables) For ECB5240M, here is a caveat, it has 4 ethernet ports on both sides and you need to waste 3 of them on each side. Sounds not very cost effective, however, Verizon offers them cheaper than other retailers.