Need advise on Actiontec MI424WR Rev 1 and Actiontec WCB6200Q WiFi Extender

I have two routers that I purchased from Verizon.

My primary router has been an Actiontec Model MI424WR-GEN3I [Router 1]. When I expanded my office to a second floor I purchased a second router from Verizon an Actiontec WCB6200Q [Router 2] to extend the WiFI signal. This second router automatically took on the name of the primary router but added a suffix to the SSID.

My Mac computer recognizes both routers and will join either router 1 or router 2 using the same original password of [Router 1] for both. However, my Canon MX922 printer only recognizes the first router [Router 1]. I also have an iPad and iPhone 7 that recognize and will join [Router 2] but not [Router 1]. When I try to have these devices “join” router 1, they report that the password is incorrect. Since the iPad and iPhone are on router 2 (and will not join router 1), the air print function does not work for these devices.

Are there any firmware updates for these two routers?  (I contacted Actiontec support at their website and was informed that any firmware updates must be delivered by the ISP that sold me the devices.)

Secondly, is there an advantage to setting new and the same SSID and new but same password for the routers via admin name and password?

Will Verizon replace my router if I upgrade my Fios Gigabit Connection ?

Any other suggestions?

Re: Need advise on Actiontec MI424WR Rev 1 and Actiontec WCB6200Q WiFi Extender
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So the one WCB6200Q is just an extender not a router. So with that being said your devices are all on the same subnet so it seems weird that some devices connect and other do not.

The quantum router won't help since the WCB6200Q auto clones SSID and password. So even if you change to something else it will eventually change it back to what the router is. 

Now the WCB6200Q has a 5ghz band where the Rev I does not. I would connect you printer to the 2.4 ghz(the SSID without 5G on the end) and also you iPhone and see if airprint will work. I have see issues where if printer is on 2.4 and device is on 5 then printing won't work. 

One other thing can you hard wire the printer? That will at least stop the 2.4/5 issue.