Need help with setup for 300/300 Internet only plan


I just ordered the 300/300 fios service with Verizon. I opted to not order their router or quantum gateway and use my own router instead. However, my router does not have a coax port in it. My apartment is hooked up only by coax, and I am going to assume that they will not run ethernet to my apartment unit. A technician is coming to "upgrade" some wires so maybe they will?

I am having trouble understanding how to connect my router to the coax so I purchased the Motorolla MM1000. Is this the right solution? Is there any other hardware I may need?

Re: Need help with setup for 300/300 Internet only plan

You have internet only? Verizon now does ethernet installs. Let them handle the issue.

now if you have tv and phone you can still have ethernet for internet so let them handle it. You will need a verizon router if having tv. But internet only, you can use your own router.

Re: Need help with setup for 300/300 Internet only plan
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Does your building already have FIOS?

Do you know if any of the other tenants have FIOS?

If so, do they have the ONT in their apartment or is there a central telco closet?
Check with your landlord.
They may not allow a service provider to run cabling within their building.
Or may have a preferred vendor (like an electrician) that you would need to use.

A moca adapter will not support the 300Mb speed you purchased. That is why anything over 100M uses ethernet to ONT.