Need to boost the wifi speed

Greetings !

I just moved to a new home; and signed up for ONLY internet with Verizon.

Current setup:

As i signed up for 300/300 speed; even though i have the coax connection wired to every room...and NOT the ethernet !  (basement, main and 1st floor); I am unable to hook up my verizon router to coax as the verizon support said the coax will not support 300mb speed; so i had to connect the ethernet cable to the WAN port on the router and place the router in the basement.

because the router is in the basement, my Wifi speed is about 70mb/ 20mb in main floor; and barely 20mb/2mb in 1st floor.

problem statement: Wifi speed is slow as i go in to my main floor and further degrades when i am in the 1st floor (where i have my office setup). How do i improve the wifi speed?

one option i have is to run a ethernet cable from verizon I-211M-L to my main floor and place the router there so...the router is in the middle of the house. However thats a i have to get some one run the cable.

alternatively... can i go for a "Wifi Signal booster" option? if so what are the verizon compatible signal boosters?

or is there any other option?

any assistance... appreciated !

Thanks in advance.

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You had me a little confused for a moment.

its true you cannot run Fios on coaxial over 100/100 and you must be on ethernet.

now the typical setup would be to connect the ethernet from the ONT to the Verizon router. This gets you a connection to the bet. Now you could simply run a length of the ethernet to your router placed mid way in the home. It involves either running through the walls, or along the baseboards to have your connection.

you can buy WiFi extenders from Verizon or any other company to get better range.

It is normally seemless. So you might want to try that.

wifi is no substitute for a direct connection to the router. But this should fix your issue.

another point to consider is verizons router is junk when it comes to WiFi or stability.

you might want to invest in a mesh system. Do not purchase the Verizon branded Netgear orbi system it is not the same as the store bought Netgear mesh like from bestbuy or amazon.