Need to extend range of Fios Wi-Fi signal in home

I have recently signed up for Fios Internet service and am noticing a rather weak signal on the downstairs TiVo.  The router provided by VZ (a Westell A90) is located on the top floor at one end of the house, and the TiVo getting the weak signal is on the bottom floor at the other end of the house.

I purchased a D-Link DWL-G710 wireless range extender, and have gotten it set up to see the netowkr (and be seen by the router), but where I am having trouble is that it does not seem to be transmitting a signal out to increase the strength of the signal at the other end of the house.

For comparison, the signal at the TiVo on the same floor as the router, but opposite end of the house is typically at 70%, and even with the new range extender placed about 5 feet from the TiVo, and online according to the router's software, there is no change in the signal strength.

I read one tip that the channel that the extender uses should be different than the channel being used by the router, but all that did was prevent the router from seeing the extender at all, and the only way to fix the issue was to hardwire a computer back up to the extender and change the channel setting back.

Has anyone successfully gotten a range extender to work with their Fios Internet set-up?

Router:  Westell A90-9100EM15

Extender:  D-Link DWL-G710

Equipment on system currently:

2 ethernet-wired PCs

1 laptop using Wi-Fi connection

2 Wii consoles

3 TiVo units

4 Set-Top boxes

Any ideas/suggestions?