Nest Protects won't connect to internet with FiOS Quantum Router
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I have three Nest Protects that were all connected to my home wifi network until I upgraded my router to the Verizon Quantum Gateway router. I installed a Verizon Network Extender after I upgraded to the Quantum Gateway router so the signal strength is not the issue.

During repeated Nest support chat sessions, I installed, uninstalled my Nest Protects. I also reset all of the Protects and re-added them to my Nest account.

The common problem in all of my attempts is that once the Nest app gets to the "finishing up" stage, it either displays an error P030, or finishes and then the next time I press a Protect's button, I get a "Heads up - not connected to the internet."

Basically, Nest and Verizon think it is my problem, but I don't think the Quantum Gateway router is capable of supporting an internal IPv6 network, so according to Nest's support, the devices won't connect to the internet.

I don't understand why Verizon is selling Nest Protect devices, when they won't work with their equipment.

The Nest Protects work as smoke/CO detectors, but I could have spent a lot less money on smoke detectors that don't connect to the internet.

Re: Nest Protects won't connect to internet with FiOS Quantum Router

I think IPv6 is not yet rolled out of supported.

the Quantum router is rated junk in the WiFi so you may want to get a better router.