Network Names adding Mesh System

I've had Verizon Fios for a while now and am pretty happy with speeds and reliability.  I have one extender coaxed to the router.  The extender sits in my home office and supplies ethernet to my work desktop and wifi to a couple of work laptops.  The network they use, let's call VERIZON-1.  I have issues with wifi in the home, so I purchased a mesh system.  I connected the Mesh system to the Verizon router with ethernet cable.  In addition, I have 2 more mesh nodes around the house to get better wireless.  I set the mesh up as an access point and created a "home" network, call it HOME-1.

Even though it all seems to work, I've read that the networks should have the same name: VERIZON-1.  This way, VERIZON-1 is available everywhere in the home and less chance of HOME-1 and VERIZON-1 on the 2.4ghz band conflicting and cancelling each other.  

I'm worried only having one name will limit traffic.  Example, having a video conference on VERIZON-1, while others streaming movies on HOME-1.

Since it all seems to work, should I just leave it alone?  Or, is there a reason to have just ONE network name with everything hooking to it?   Thank you for any input!

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