Network extenders (WCB3000N) boot looping
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I have a G1100 router and 2 WCB3000N network extenders. I've had this setup with 1 extender for a few years. I added the second extender a year ago, and it's been working fine up until recently. 

In the past couple of weeks, both network extenders are continuously boot looping. Meaning they will connect, then power cycle, then connect, then power cycle. Unplugging and replugging does not resolve.

Both network extenders bootloop even with the coax disconnected. Seems unlikely that both extenders would go bad at the same time.

I tried factory resetting the extenders, but given that they don't stay on very long between reboots, I'm not sure the reset is taking hold.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Re: Network extenders (WCB3000N) boot looping

Did you solve this issue? 

I have two and they were working fine for a couple of weeks. 

I called ActionTec tech support, and got the message: "Was purchased by an Unauthorized ReSeller....serial numbers begin with CWQA. The model was designed for a specific ISP, and when it tries to communicate to the service provider it was designed for it will fail and you will lose your internet." 

I am suspecting that Verizon blocked it. Maybe not but I just assume so because my experience with Fios has been deplorable.