New Fios Internet, TV Phone Install - how to use existing Router / WiFi Access Point
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I am new to Fios.  Internet, TV, Phone Fios service is being installed in a few days.

I asked the sales person if I could use my existing Router / WiFi access point (an ASUS router servicing a number of devices in my home).and not the one that comes in the Fios gateway..  I have my ASUS router configured with some specific DHCP static addresses and port forwarding and I wish to keep these and avoid conflicts like double NAT or two DHCP services.

The sales person said 'yes'; just put the Fios supplied router in 'bridge mode'.

I've been looking through this forum and posts discuss this same question referencing different Fios Gateway models. 


  • What gateway model is currently being used in new installations?  (I'm in NY if that matters)
  • Are there specific, detailed, instructions on how to configure the Fios equipment so it will not interfere with my existing home WiFi network?
  • Should I anticipate that the installers are able to configure the Fios gateway so I can continue to use my current router / access point; or as that asking too much?
  • Is there an official Fios support web page that addresses this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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