New Fios router

I recently called in to get my router upgraded to the highest speed 1 gig connection. When I spoke to the Verizon agent, I told him I wanted a new router, but to make sure that there were no changes to my existing plan. Since, I had a plan that I was grandfathered in, I didn’t want that plan to change. He assured me that my plan will not change. When I got off the chat with this individual, I turned on the TV, and all of the sudden I see some of my channels that I had were no longer there. I called Verizon immediately, because I couldn’t believe that this agent had the audacity to change my plan, after I told him not to. After receiving my router, he sent me a new set top box, a set top box that I didn’t need. What a headache  this individual had caused me. My plan was taken away, a set top box I didn’t need, and channels that I no longer had…Long story short, I’m still not happy, but after escalating my call to a higher level, they put me on a different plan, I was able to get back my channels, even though the monthly bill was higher . They added a few discounts towards my bill, to offset the additional charges. That  somehow brought my bill down to the same amount I was paying, before this individual messed up my services …Plus,  I still get to keep the faster modem….moral of the story, these online chat agents, need more training, because since there behind a computer, I feel we don’t get the same quality customer service,  as a live agent…I’m someone that’s been with Verizon for over 25 years, you  can’t treat loyal customers this way….

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