New Fios service questions

I have a wifi radio, a laptop, a desktop all on a DSL wireless network.  The primary desktop is wired to the network.  After I have FIOS installed will I still be able to run the laptop and the radio on the Fios network?  The 2 desktops will be connected on installation.  Thank You.

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Re: New Fios service questions
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All that the shift to FiOS does is to shift the data transport from DSL to MOCA/Fiber Optic. The standard FiOS router is a 4 port + WiFi unit. So if it ran with a DSL 4 Port+WiFi router, it should run without any trouble, just make sure you transfer any settings you have on the old router, to the new router. However the difference in the underlying transport rate from FiOS is hard not to notice on things like downloads and web surfing.

What I did notice when I went from DSL to FiOS is that FiOS is not sensitive to either distance from the Central Office, or the weather. If you connection is 20/5, you are going to get 20/5, rain or shine, thunderstorms or not, and no matter how far you are from the Central Office.