New G3100 Rebooting Due To Kernel Panic
Hello All,
This is my 3rd brand new G3100 router and they all of rebooted sporadically. After searching around on the forums, I realized maybe I should look at the logs. Below is what I found citing a reboot due to "kernel panic". There isn't really anything of note prior to this message. I also have an extender that doesn't seem to ever reboot. Any thoughts/suggestions? 
2022 Jun 29 18:00:16 dnsmasq info [SYS.6][SYS] started, version 2.80 cachesize 1500
2022 Jun 29 17:59:57 sysup info [SYS.6][SYS] system startup
2022 Jun 29 17:59:57 sysup info [SYS.6][SYS] Reboot by Kernel Panic
Re: New G3100 Rebooting Due To Kernel Panic
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Community Leader

Have you tried disconnecting devices on the network to see if you can isolate which is causing the router to crash?