New Homes Subdivision - Request Fios for Residents

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How do I(We) request Fios Service in an area where there is none.  We live in a new housing subdivision in Lakeridge Va with Fios all around us in the neighboring subdivisions, however it's not located in our but is ran to the pop(demarcation point) near us.  Currently Comcast is running to all our homes or Dish. I can assure that most of us would jump ship if we could get Fios in the area - its just it seems, there's no point of contact to escalate these request.  POC  such as an field agent who specializes in growing Verizon Services.  Please advise!

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It is possible your home owners association made a deal with cable to supply their services as such only the HOA can do what you ask.

It may also be impossible to receive Fios services since Fios has stopped building out in most areas.

however if it is worth their costs to install at your subdivision and the HOA makes the contract you may then get service. Since you are not allowed to purchase service on your own this is the only way to proceed.