New Installation: Error 2202-108 during provision and my attempts to get around it.

Hi, I came back to FIOS recently for Internet and TV. In years past I had been using my own router and bridging the MOCA with an old repurposed MI42WR (very old model not rev I). When I was re-installed they gave me the new FIOS One box VMS1100 , which apparently wouldn't provision with the old Actiontech due to error 2202-108 (related to voice services). In order to get things working I modified the order to add the G3100 and it finished provisioning.

After the guy left, I removed the G3100 and went back to my old MI42WR bridging MOCA. Everything worked and I was able to reboot the VMS1100 from full power off. The only error I seem to get is when I select FIOS Digital Voice from the Menu, but I don't care about that.

Now that my VM1000 is "provisioned" and working, albeit with some digital voice errors, would anyone know my odds in it continuing to work if I send back the G3100 and try to run things with my old MI42WR non-rev-I bridge? Would it stop working after the next software update, or could there be any type of event that would cause it to re-provision? Can I go into a setup menu and skip the voice setup entirely?

Also, would buying a ECB6200 allow me to remove the old Actiontech bridge completely? I had an older NIM-100 lying around and it didn't work at all. Alternatively,  is there any way to get the IP port on the VMS1100 to work so I can get IP services that it needs? I've seen posts about turning off wifi to enable it but I don't seem to have that option.

Sorry for asking so many questions but I hunted around a few places and couldn't find a clear answer. My answer may just buy an old MI42WR Rev-I but I have to ask 🙂


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