New / Moving Service from FIOS

I just recently moved and called Verizon in November to have my service moved to my new apartment.  The customer service rep was very nice.  I explained that my life is my job, and I work at home alot because of a handicap.  So without the internet I have no paycheck.  Although I was very disappointed that they could not get me service until the 21st, I made special arrangements to be able to wait until that day.  I got a call last evening to say that they had to move my appointment almost a week, to the 26th.  Basically one day's notice.  Then I get an e-mail "Thank you for changing your appointment to a time more convenient for you"  "REALLY????"

No negotiating at all, I was told "that's just the way it is"  Is Verizon going to take that for an answer when I don't get paid because of them?  Are they going to pay me my lost wages?  This not right in any way, shape or form. 

Re: New / Moving Service from FIOS

Verizon like other service companies have occasional staffing issues, equipment issues, and customer issues of which does not happen all the time.

in my area the service installers are pretty good in all types of weather and very reliable. However snafus and over booking install requests and customer appointment changes can occur and will effect other customers so it’s not done on purpose.

things will improve and it will just be a memory