New Router Working my desktop PC, but not the older laptop.
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 I just upgraded to a westell 7500 router and with the help of the Verizon techie got my desktop to work with the new modem. Then we turned our attention to my laptop and had issues; he even connected me with a Dell person, but after being put on hold, we got disconnected and I thought I'd try the forums here.

My laptop is an older one: Inspiron 1100 and I use a Dell True Mobile 1150 insert card. I use Windows XP and have service pack 3 and the latest drivers installed.

I cannot get the laptop to connect with my new modem (router).

Some bits of info that may assist:

1) After running a diagnostics for XP, I get "windows could not detect any wired or wireless network cards installed on your machine."

2) In device manager, there is a yellow question mark next to Ethernet controller and PCI modem (don't know if that matters here).

3) In device manager, the network adapter is listed--Dell truemobile 1150--its working properly and latest drivers installed for it.

4) In network Connections, only one connection is listed: dell true mobile, not connected.

5) if I double click that connection, in the next window the wireless network WPA2 shows and it has a signal strength of 5 green bars.

6) double clicking that, and entering the proper WEP key does not connect me.

needless to say it is frustrating because the laptop is picking up on the router signal but not connecting to it.


Re: New Router Working my desktop PC, but not the older laptop.
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Hey dale001, I know you are trying to get connected wirelessly but can you get internet access if you use the ethernet cable because if you can't get connected with it hardwired then your laptop has a problem.  I would advise you to contact Dell tech support.