New Samsung SmartTV not getting through ActionTec router
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We have recently dropped both FIOS TV and landline services, but continued with the internet services.  After dropping these services, we installed a new Samsung Smart TV 5 feet from our ActionTec router provided by Verizon and have had trouble streaming.  We first set it up wirelessly, but after the initial day, we could no longer stream.  So we connected the TV directly to the router using an ethernet cable.  It streamed for about 15 mins then started buffering.  I've contacted both Samsung and Verizon, both state it is the issue of the other company.  HELP!  We have 3 other devices connected directly via Ethernet LAN to this router and use multipe devices wirelessly.  Everything else is working fine.  Why are we having trouble connecting this one TV?  Any suggestions?

We are looking into switching out the router, but it is currently connected using Coax.  Are their other router options for Coax, or do we need to have Verizon pull us an Ethernet cable from our OAN which resides outside the home.  Our 24 year old home is wired COAX.  Any suggestions for improving our situation, or switching out a router and improving our WiFi connections would be greatly appreciated.  While our WiFi is working, it could be much better.  So we've been researching whole home WiFi MESH options.  

But for now, can anyone provide any suggestions as to why our TV is not getting past the router.  According to the TV, it sees the router, but not the internet.  We were able to use an iPhone as a hotspot for the TV and it streamed fine.  So I'm thinking it's something to do with the router.


Re: New Samsung SmartTV not getting through ActionTec router

First off the Verizon routers are junk. Not knowing what speeds you are paying for for the internet two things must occur (even if keeping verizons router)

first if you dont have tv and phone you can simply go ethernet only. This way you go to the ONT outside and plug in an ethernet cable and then run it into your home as close to the router as possible. Verizon can do this for you but will charge to get the ethernet into your home. If Verizon already drilled a hole previously to get the coaxial into your home to the router it can probably be inserted in the same area.

secondly Verizons router have poor WiFi and if you are going ethernet only then it’s best to place the ethernet directly from a LAN port on either verizons router or a purchased router by Netgear or Asus etc. get a router with ac/n with external antennas for better coverage. Then plug the ethernet into the ethernet on the tv. In any case before hooking to your tv you must do a factory reset as to when purchased.

after the tv is back on, take the ethernet cable under network settings and let it get internet connectivity.

in both cases you must also call 1-800-VERIZON to have them switch from MOCA to ethernet before you receive signal.

it is a very easy process. It’s taking me longer to type this than the time it takes to do it. Also use cat 5e or 6 ethernet cabling for better performance.

Re: New Samsung SmartTV not getting through ActionTec router
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When connecting to Ethernet, did you happen to forget the Wi-Fi network from your TV (or otherwise perform a network reset on it)? I wonder if the TV is connecting back up to the Wi-Fi and using that instead of the Ethernet connection. Since it's 5 feet from the router, it's best to stay wired up.