New Service and Router question.....

Hi.  I just got a new service about a month ago.  The tech came out and  installe a new Modem and connect to the router at my computer.  I told him I got a box in the mail from Verizon and he said that is the new Router but it is bascially the same rounter like the one I have from Verizon.  The Router I have is from Verizon and I received it when I upgraded to 75 speed from 50 and I paid 99.00 for the router.  The Verizon Tech said I should take the box that has the router and send it back to Verizon or take it the Verizon Store to turn in the router I received in the mail.  Now now I have my own Verizon Router and I shouldn't be charge for renting a router since I am not using the rone I recived in the mail.  I called Verizon and they said until I buy my own router and send in the router, I still have to pay $ 12,00 a month for router.  Now I am confused.  If I buy a router, would Verizon want the same router that I have been using and never paid rent for the router before I got a new service? I don't want  to buy a new router because the router I have is already set with the WIN (?) number configuration to use the router for my cellphone and other things. So do I still need to buy a router to remove the Router month rent from my Verizon Bill?

Re: New Service and Router question.....

I would take the second router that was sent to you and box that one up and return it to a verizon Fios corporate store if one is nearby you. Get a receipt for the serial number off the router with you account number and name etc. have the store contact their service department and have them remove the newer router off your account.

from then on there should be no rental fees paid on the router.

verizon has been shifting from the original routers that were once free to the paid versions or buy it directly at $199 plus tax. If you rent is $144 a year for life or until they raise the rental fees. You might if you have internet only buy a better router like a asus or netgear or TP Link router and just return both of them verizon routers.

if you have tv you will need a MOCA adapter and splitter. But it will belong to you and verizon cannot get any more funds from you.