New Verizon G1100 Router > Can't set up Echo

I obtained a new Verizon G1100 router. Everything in my home reconnected to the router successfully except for my Echo.

I spent an hour on the phone w/ Amazon. I rebooted and reset the Echo, restarted the router ... nothing.

However, I DID connect to my neighbor's WiFi succesfully. So, that points to my router. There must be a setting or incompatibility with my router and the Amazon Echo.

Does anyone have any ideas for any router settings that might be adjusted to get the router to connect to the Echo?


Re: New Verizon G1100 Router > Can't set up Echo

It depends on what band your echo connects to.

2.4 GHz or 5 GHz 

the verizon router Quantum Gateway Router G1100 is known for crappy WiFi.

it has internal antennas and not external antennas. However if your echo is looking for this 5 GHz band it may just be bad WiFi on your router. You said you could connect to your neighbors WiFi. What band?

you could try to enter your routers WiFi settings and change the SSID of the router and the password from the original router. Then try and have the echo find the network to connect. You could also try to change the WiFi broadcast signal from automatic to a set non interference channel.  Then see if the echo finds the network.

you could simply have a bad router and may need to exchange it. Or if internet only use your own better router and save money via returning the Fios router. 

Re: New Verizon G1100 Router > Can't set up Echo
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I connected my echo show with no problems.

what model echo do you have?