New construction home

I have a newly constructed home. I have contacted Fios 3 to 4 times over the past month or so to get service set up. I was told that a request has been submitted to the engineering department and nothing else had to be done until I was moving into my new home. I called at move in time and the engineering request has not gone through. I was told someone would call me back which never happened. I called again to have a rep tell me that another engineering request had been submitted. Again no one contacted me. I called a third time and was told by a rep that he would submit the request manually to make sure it got to the correct person and that he would call me back. Again no one has contacted me. My neighbors on both sides of my home on the same side of the street have Fios. I have soent Several hours on the phone over the past couple of months attempting to get service. This is incredibly frustrating as Fios is my only option on my street. Help!

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The home is new construction and the address is not in the database.

hence verizon has no reference to install fios anything. Some have said if you call for phone service the address will be then added. Fios is great if you can get it.

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Hi Jacqueline,

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