New user deals for existing customer

Am off my version contract, and am offered a rate of $114 a month for high speed internet with a contract. For a new user the exacts same contract is $80 a month, plus $300 gift cards up front, plus $20 a month off for being a wireless customer. 

am being told that I can’t get the same deal because it is for new users only - even though I can walk away at any time. For this amount of money it seems worth it to just cancel and move to a different provider. 

Any other experiences?  

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If you are referring to DSL I would say it’s not worth it.

now if you are asking in reference to fiber optics (Fios) then verizon does not offer the same deals to existing customers.

you could leave for another service and they will offer a deal after 30 days or sooner but it’s crazy I know.