No 30 day money back guarantee

I had Fios installed 9/13 

while the technician was there, everything worked decently. I requested 1GB and was getting close to 600mb over WiFi, okay. 
next day it went  down to 0.5 mb and it kept fluctuating. I went back to my old provider 9/23 and called Verizon to cancel 9/26. 
the rep told me I had to pay the $90 because Verizon doesn’t prorate its internet. 
there is no 30 day money back guarantee. 
The money had not been taken out of my account when I called. I was charged today the $89.99 for 13 days of 0.44mbps when I needed the internet the most? I had to used my phone hotspot to work. Please someone get back to me about this refund. Thanks. 

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