No Internet/Slow Internet
Currently it is 4am est in NYC and I have yet to get more than 10 minutes of internet service. This is unacceptable. I have work to do on my computer and yet I find myself running back and forth to reset the modem only to hope the internet can stay connected. I've had verizon DSL for a year now and within that year I've had to schedule 2 technicians to come oht hecause of this very issue.

The first technician fixed the problem which lasted a couple of months and the last technician who came out about a week ago said the wires from the house to the pole was shorted. The internet worked for maybe 3 days before the same thing started happening again.

Bear in mind we don't have fios yet so I can't upgrade and in order to have DSL, I'm paying for phone service I don't even use. So I'm paying for services that I am not receiving at all. It's come to a point where I am stuck using my phone to do work and even to write this post.

This may be a rant but I am highly dissapointed and livid at this point.

And yes, I've been on hold, I've reset my modem, I've changed my SSID/Password, I've changed the channels, I've done pretty much everything but go outside and fix the damned wire myself.

I need someone to come out and fix this once and for all or I will be changing my service.
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Re: No Internet/Slow Internet
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This is a peer to peer support forum. For technical services, you need to contact Verizon directly.

Re: No Internet/Slow Internet
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I feel your pain.

But how would like to submit a problem or complaint only to be told you need to update your service before anyone looked into the issues(s)? Ha ya that's what happened to me.

After basically telling them I would drop my account if I had to buy a new equipment! ARGGGG then they got around to fixing the issue!!!!! GEZ