No Program Information available on Fios TV - HELP

Questions from a  82 year old Novice at all of this..

I have two modems, one is smaller than the other.

Question #1:  If I move a TV upstairs, does the same modem need to be moved too?  One is a Smart TV, the other is not.

Yesterday the non-Smart shows No  Information available on every channel and will not connect to internet.  Per instructions I rebooted modem and router.  Nothing has changed. On Smart TV  it also says No Information available, at least there is a signal and I can get programs.  What is the next step?  Please.

Different Subject:  Also: On the Router under Connect to WI-FI

it reads: 2.4GHz-WiFiName  FIOS-V57MU

                  5GHz-WiFiName  FIOS-V57MU-5G

What is the significance of these?  Am I supposed to use one or the other?

Thank you so much. Rosalie


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