No WiFi and horrible service. Should I cancel Fios?

Debating whether or not to cancel Fios completely after a terrible experience. WiFi and cable has been out for 24 hours now. The fire department came with technicians last night look at the telephone cables but that did not fix the problem. Rebooted the router and ONT numerous times. Finally broke down and called tech support only to be hung up on twice, transferred, 10 different times and put on hold for a total of an hour and a half before finally talking with someone that could help me but they said the earliest a technician could come was 3 days from now. Is this how Fios always is? Should I switch companies after such a terrible experience?

Re: No WiFi and horrible service. Should I cancel Fios?

Fios is not responsible for your WiFi just your connection to the service.

now that the service is out, you have notified them and they will dispatch a repairman.

what else should you do?

cable has been out on a few occasions in all the years we had it. Somethings are not of your doing or theirs (Verizon) either ask for credit for lost days, or switch to a provider you think will give you better response service.