No grace period?

I was on Fios Double Play no contract.
Retention department downgraded me to Fios Internet 100/100 plan. They told me it would be the same deal as the "new customer promo". However, after signing up I see that they locked me into a 2 year contract when the "new customer promo" is a non-contract deal.

It's only been 1 week since the downgrade and they still want to charge me an ETF to cancel. Thought I would have at least 14 or 30 day grace period.
Any way to get out of this contract?

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My question would be “was the price agreed to the same as new customer pricing”?

if it was then your only complaint would be the contract. Often times the contract price is what they base the price they give you. However once agreed to it locks you in.

if you can prove fraud on the way you were signed up, I would contact the Attorney Generals office in your state. (Google it) they can assist on a deceptive practice. However the burden of proof is on you to prove deception.

you can also google for your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission and speak to them.