No proration even if canceling before next cycle?
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Hello- my service period ran from the 19th to 20th of each month. I had a stand-alone Verizon Fios package. 

On May 12th I requested to terminate services on May 30th due to a move (I.e., ending services about 10 days into the upcoming cycle). 

Everyone I spoke with in customer service via chat and phone (5 separate contacts) confirmed I should expected to get one final, prorated bill for those final 10 days of service. 

I was thrown off to get a fresh bill, dated 6/19, for a full cycle of service showing as overdue. I naturally called in one more time to figure out why it wasn’t prorated. 

For the first time I was told T&Cs for stand-alone internet don’t offer proration. When I said it was the first I had heard that I was pointed to the T&Cs again, and told my only recourse would be to write a physical complaint letter to Verizon executive offices. 
When I asked why the other reps didn’t just tell me that (rest assured I would have made sure to end services on the 20th and just toughed out the final days via hotspot) up front, they told me the chat/phone reps wouldn’t have known- only billing services, who apparently this is the first time I’ve been routed to- would. 

I’m trying to find the T&Cs they’re citing; I’m also trying to understand since when is proration not provided simply because I don’t have TV or phone bundled? And why were they so unclear? Is this a billing tactic? Just trying my best and feeling frustrated because I thought I did everything right. 

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