No such thing as a LOYAL CUSTOMER -

I subscribed to FIOS when a salesman knocked on my door several years ago and have been satisfied with my service until now.  When he sold me this deal, I was told that in order to keep my pricing that I needed to call prior to expiration (every 2 years to renew) and as long as I pay my bill on time that I will continue to receive the same price.  I have been doing just this and have never had issue until this year...

I received an email from Michael L. Cingari (Executive Director, Customer Loyalty) who wrote the below:

"We are writing to notify you that your current service agreement is scheduled to end soon and your rate may increase.  The good news is it doesn't have to".

I checked online and called a representative who informed me that my rate is under market and must be increased $62 per month.  Read the below again Verizon FIOS:

The good news is it doesn't have to

**bleep**!  This is unacceptable.  I once was a valued loyal customer.  What happened?  I shall be shopping around for other providers.  What a shame!  

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The problem is not dealing with “loyalty “ there is no such thing in business.

a consumer looks for the best value for the money. Prices do and have increased.

What then happens is consumer choice. If you contact cable internet, tv & phone you will get a teaser rate for two years from them. So now it’s either put up with such a high increase or call Verizon after you get the other service and say cancel service. 

Verizon retention’s may give you a lower rate. But remember make sure you have gotten a confirmed install date from cable. You may get lucky and get a better price.

by the way do month to month and no contracts, nor use auto pay 


This happened to me about two years ago.  I had FIOS for over five years at a decent price, and then they bumped me up by about $70.   No amount of threating to leave would convince them I was serious.   So I went to my local cable ccompany (Cox) and saved around $55 off what FIOS wanted.   About two months in (so Cox's 30 day satisfaction period was over), I get an email from FIOS with a price that I would have stayed.  I am coming up on expiration of my contract with Cox, and Cox won't match what FIOS is currently offerring me as a new customer.  I have to be off Cox for 90 days to get their promotional rate which is $80 cheaper than I am paying today.   So I am probably going to make a switch back to FIOS.   And I fully expect in the future to be switching back to Cox, when FIOS jacks up their rate after 24 months and Cox has an introductory offer.   It's a pain to make the switch, but for almost $2,000 over 24 months, it is worth it.  These companies have never figured out that it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer, than to replace a customer.