Non Honoring Sales Agreement
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Hello, I am sharing this information as a cautionary tale when placing an order over the phone with a sales representative.  The pricing may change when the bill arrives.  Take careful notes on the sales agreement made over the phone in order to prove and track if need be after installation.  My story is still unfolding, best of luck.  

Called 6/18 - In response to a flyer received in the mail.  Said I was eligible for 69.99/monthly triple play bundle deal.  Sales agent said she found the deal and could give the price after making me read the flyer in its entirety to her.  Also said that because the flyer said I was eligible for self install, she could waive the installer fee since she thought I would need one.  Sale Representative Renee.

6/29 - Saw the bill after the installer was there and the price was back up to 79.99 and the installation fee was there

6/29 - Spent over 1 hour on the phone with customer service and we were able to confirm the order orignated over the phone.  Rey was very helpful to create an escalation ticket.  Within three to 5 days I am expecting a call back to resolve the additional charges.  

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Good luck with the call back, or the resolution to the proper price and removal of the instillation charges.

if you order on line the install fee is waived, I would read that sales phamplet again.

once a person calls and speaks to a rep be it on the phone or in chat, that fee is not waived. The price you are quoted does not include taxes and surcharges on the invoice. There are taxes etc. on tv and phone but not on internet only.

you must include these in to the base rate, also no matter what day it’s installed there is monthly prorata so add that in. So prorata, month in advance, taxes & surcharges will raise the first invoice. The next one will have discounts but will not be what is listed on the flyer.

you have a 30 day total customer satisfaction guarantee so you can leave without issues. Additionally don’t ever sign a contract or after 30 days you will owe a hefty early contract termination fee.

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Updating to continue the story. 

7/12/18 - I did receive a call back from Verizon saying that the installation fees were being waived and they were looking into the sales call to validate the pricing.  However the communication past that has gone silent and my bill online still has the installation charges applied.   I tried calling back today, but the wait time was 35 - 55 minutes.  I don't have that kind of time today, so I'll place my update here to log my activity the best I can. 

Also, the TV lags and skips a few seconds, even missed a goal in the world cup...that was not fun. 

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