My generator sends email alerts out via non-SSL SMTP.  It does not support any encryption.  It used to work until about 6 months ago.  I setup an email client on my laptop (connected to the same router) with the same credentials (and set encryption to None) and it is able to send emails.   But my generator cannot send (no logs so I can't tell why).  I checked the Fios router and I see the outbound connection going to the SMTP service but I get "Inbound traffic Blocked - Service" pointing to the generator's IP.   So it looks like the outbound connection is OK but not the inbound.  I set the Fios firewall to "minimal" and even set the generator in the DMZ.  I tried several SMTP servers that will accept non-SSL connections and I tried several different ports.  Is Verizon blocking non-SSL SMTP requests now?  Or how do I get around this problem?  Setup a local SMTP relay or something?