None of the FireSticks are able to connect to my wifi

I have Fios Gigabyte internet with 15 devices connected.

I have been experiencing spikes in my ping while playing games and also have not been able to keep my fire stick connected to the wifi. Fios sent me a replacement router, however I am still having the same issues. 

I have extenders connected to the router/modem as well. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it. 

The only time my firestick is able to connect to the wifi is after I factory reset my router/modem. I then have about 15 minutes until it disconnects. This happens on 4 firesticks in my home. None of them are able to connect to the wifi. Cell phones are connected to the wifi network though.

On my computer my ping, download, and upload are where they are supposed to be. The games that are giving me "higher than normal" ping are Fortnite and Warzone. They are both using AWS in Ohio and my ping can be anywhere from 20 - 600. 

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Community Leader

Perhaps the two Wi-FI MHzs are the same SSID? There is 2.4 and 5 MHz. With SON they are one SSID. I suspect that it would help that they are not the same.