Not getting the Gig speeds I am paying for

So in 4 weeks time, I have had 2 ONT's, and 3 routers.

Here is the problem:

Wired desktop started disconnecting, and so I ran a Ping and Speedtest. (I used Google, Fast, Speakeasy, and Verizons own site)

Average Wired speed, while connected to the router, was 90 down and around 150 up. This is with testing 1 Desktop, and 4 laptops. (Current test while writing this on the wired desktop are: 92.2 down, and 93.6 up)

Wireless speeds are all over the place, ranging from 56 down, to 450 down, and consistently around 140 up. (current test while writing this are 173.3 down, and 146.9 up)

Distance from router when testing is about 8ft. (router is on one side of my home office, my table tops are on the other. Its not a large room) 

Distance from the ONT to the Router is about 3 ft. 

When I connect directly to the ONT though, I immediately get around 940 for both up and down.

I have both Cat5, and Cat 6, Shielded and Unshielded cables. I have a box filled with them.

I have tried all four ports of all 3 routers.

The Wiring to the house has been tested and is fine.

Every tech and supervisor that has been here has seen the issue, they have seen the tests results, and run their own.

None can tell me why this is happening, or how to fix it.

We've turned SON on, and off

We've tried forcing connection speeds through changing Duplex settings, as well as MTU values

We've done a hundred other things, but still no resolution.

Anyone have some thoughts or advice here?

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Can you take photos of the connections coming and out of your ONT and router?

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Our situation is similar.  When we test the speed up and down from Verizon to our router they are both consistently in the high 900s Megabits/second, just as they should be.  But the speeds up and down from the router to our computer and back are more like 50-150 Megabits/second.  We were told -- by a "geek" of course -- at Best Buy that all we needed to do was add a "Gigabit Ethernet Adapter" which we did.  That may have helped a bit at first -- I simply can't remember -- but certainly isn't still helping, and the bottleneck in the speed is only getting worse.  Please let me know if you have any ideas about what we can do to get the full Gigabit stream or close to it.  Thanks!

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The first test point that is consistently 900M is that when the computer/test device is connected to the output of the ONT or the router?

The second test point, is that from where the computer device is normally located? If so, is the test being conducted via WIFI, coaxial or ethernet connection? 🤔