Now what's the excuse?
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For 4... long... years... I have been listening to Verizon techs try to explain that the problems with my internet would not be as bad if I let the speed adjust down to what the line could handle. All winter, I get 3.0 with no problems. All summer, I lose connection constantly. I would insist that the same speed be made available in the summer as was there in the winter, and supposedly that was what was causing the connection to fail. THIS year, I figured fine, I'll deal with the 1.5 speed, because it's better than not having internet at all. Well, color me suprised that we are losing the connection MORE now than we did last year or the year before.

For the last week, it's been raining. We never have connection issues when it rains. Or when it's overcast. Today, it's still cool, but bright and sunny! I cannot keep a connection longer than 3-4 minutes without having to reset due to ping, and loss of server. Good thing the speed is dropped to stop that from happening!

Last year I was told Sorry! Can't fix it! You're welcome to cancel Verizon service! Unfortunately, a household member is a creature of habit and doesn't like switching to new companies, or I would already be gone. Hopefully, that can be amended shortly. In the meantime, I'll once again pay for service that I don't receive.

In case anyone wants to know what they can do to help: late last summer a tech named Jonathon switched tiers on the main box near my home. The service was AWFUL after that. 3 subsequent techs came after that, each with specific instructions to change it back to the tier it was on before, and not one of them could manage to actually perform that simple request. Maybe someone can manage to change it this year, as our problems we practically gone before that switch was made.

In  the meantime, I just keep resetting to see if eventually the connection holds.

Re: Now what's the excuse?
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Don't hold your breath. I started in the bad old days dial up, with a 28 k modem. Finally get 56k( but really nothing faster than 48K). As DSL rolled out, what a shocker dial up got slower, slower...slower.......or no connection at all. Have you been given the excuse your copper wires are "worn out" yet???? It didn't matter my dad worked 35 years in PAC BELL in PBX installation and repair and had rewired the entire house. Out of frustration, we get DSL. What a shocker , now that FIOS is the next big thing, DSL is "worn out". All of the companies are currently spending big bucks to get rid of life line programs on land lines and push cell phones. Why does this matter? Not having a mandate for copper land lines means not having to care if your DSL runs like a turtle. So what if your area has poor cell phone service. Good luck with that 911 call if you need emergency service. I am suppose to have High Speed Internet Enhanced 3.1 to 7 Mbps. For the last month I'm lucky to get 1.5 mbps. Please don't insult my intelligence with "have you tried....?" I have three desktops, one laptop, one smart phone. One day they all work, next day I'm lucky to get dial up speeds turn off-turn on computer. Power off/on modem Run AV and malware program. replace modem with an identical spare modem Take laptop next door to my neighbor who has fios. What another shocker, 15mbps for a direct connection, 10 mbps with wi-fi. Take the laptop back home, and back to the slow lane. Full Disclosure: I own stock in Verizon. What a third shocker when I get the shareholders guide , Verizon recommends a NO vote on net neutrality. What that means is Verizon can charge extra for, basically anything they want, when they want. Don't like monopolies, slow speeds, bad service, too bad. Oh, and now that netflix is paying bribes, err, I'm mean voluntary payments for "fast lane" access, you will be paying for that, too.