While in the process of redoing my basement, my contractor dropped the ONT box and damaged it....it still works and I have cable and internet.....however, the slightest touch and I lose the signal.....will Verizon replace the ONT box or charge me....I don’t mind paying for the tech to come out and do the repair, however I figure a new ONT box is expensive....thanks

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You'll have to contact them to know for sure.

When you say you "lose signal,"  what signals exactly?  What do the lights on the ONT show?  If it's losing all services, it's likely a damaged fiber connection.  That might be fixable by re-seating the fiber or replacing the connector on the fiber.

If you use coax for data, it's possible the f-connector got messed up in the fall and is hanging on by a thread inside the ONT.  In that case, a new ONT is needed.  Same for the Ethernet jack, if that's in use.

You can try re-seating the cables yourself.  For the fiber, don't look anywhere near the end; the laser light can cause eye damage, although it may take years to manifest.  If re-seating doesn't work, you'll need a Verizon tech to look at it and see what needs to be done.

Verizon will likely charge you for a tech visit.  They may charge for an ONT.  If they do, expect it to be rather pricey.  A Verizon wire maintenance plan may cover this; but I'm not sure.  Since your contractor did the damage, you may want to consider filing a claim against them if Verizon charges you.  They should have insurance for this type of problem.  Your home owner insurance may have coverage, too.

Good Luck.