Old home MoCa g3100/e3200
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Hi!  I have a G3100 and E3200 that were working great via MoCa backhaul in my previous house.  I just moved into an older, larger home and have terrible LAN speeds but fine internet tests.

I can get 900/900+ via internet speed test, when I try to transfer a file between two systems connected to either router I'm getting as low as 500kb/s!  The same computers would be getting 100MB/s no problem when connected in the previous house.

I'd say there is some old splitter or cabling between my basement and second floor in the new house, but how can internet speed results be so high from both while LAN speeds are so low?

There is an older looking 6 way splitter in addition to a moca amplifier (?!) in the basement, so I could fairly easily test eliminating/replacing those.  I'm pretty screwed if the cables themselves are too old though I guess.


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Just curious about the existing coaxial cable. Is it RG59 or RG6? Did the installer use crimp or compression connectors?

If the cable does need to be replaced or reterminated, can either/both tasks be done without running into many issues?

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Can you got to G3100's LAN Coax Stats page to see the MoCA link speed?

You should see something like this.


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Could be the cabling or splitter but definitely get rid of the amp. No need to use it for MoCA. As long as the splitter is rated for 1000 MHz you should be fine. You could also just connect the 2 coax run together using a f connector.