Once again, service drops out, speed slows and I have to reset the modem lots
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Here are the links to the last posts/problems:

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4/29 reset router 5 times  had to go into the verizon management console (VMC) twice to enable router for WiFi

4/30 reset router once

5/2 reset router once

5/3 connection speed dropped to 2.9 reset router 6 times

5/4 connection speed dropped to 2.5 reset router twice

5/6 reset router once

5/8 reset router once

5/9 connection speed dropped to 1.9 reset router 3 times  had to go into VMC to enable router for WiFi

5/10 connection speed down to 1.5 reset router four times

5/11 --today--connection speed down to 1.5 reset router 4 times--it is only 9:30 AM--four times since 7 AM? sketchy service indeed


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I note with irony how you will see that someone tried to contact me...but that isn't the case. I contacted them. By phone because that was what the "Chat" customer service person told me to do. This is classic case of one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. When I do get a live person on the phone ....Basically....verizon says there is a "line problem" and I wait for three days and the speed gets better for about a week, and then the speed drops off.

They can't deliver what I am paying for. I don't have a phone, I pay for high speed internet because FIOS is unavailable. Currently as I type this....speed test says I am .9/.27...the modem tells me 1.5/.4 but it drops as well. What is the issue, Verizon?

In addition someone on Verizon's end says...someone will call you in a few hours...which never happens. Never. More like in a day or two. If that.  

Buyers beware....beware,,,

Re: Once again, service drops out, speed slows and I have to reset the modem lots

Hi whit616,

We have reopened your private support case.  Please access your case thread by following the instructions we have posted in your original public thread, HERE.

Please note that you need to access the private thread and respond to the agents' requests.  The agents cannot begin to assist with your issue until they hear from you.