Online backups to Verizon service are very slow (25/25 service) - 1.5GB (113 files) @ over six hours
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First, let me note that I had the Actiontec router replaced by tech right here, speed tests alone are great, PC was optimized.  I am using a wired connection.  However, uploads to the Verizon backup are very poor.  Not sure what to do next.

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Try a large upload to another website ('s 17.5MB Upload file) to see if it performs any quicker compared to the Online Backup service. Most backup services tend to limit the amount of throughput a single user may obtain while uploading and/or downloading to/from the backup service. Often times the more that is uploaded, the slower it will get, and this is intentional by design. Whether or not Verizon's backup service does this or not, I don't know. I don't see any mention of it in the Terms of Service though. Apparently Verizon uses DigiData for their backup service, as an FYI.


I have been trying to backup my computer and for 5 hours have managed to upload a few dozen megabytes. Why am I paying for this service when an external drive with terabytes of storage is so cheap.

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You answered ytour OWN question.

Creating backups to the Internet are not advised.  There are many reasons that make this a poor idea from availability to security.  Take matters in your own hands and create local backups.

Personally, I write active data to a DVDRW weekly (rotated amongst 6 DVDRW discs) and monthly I use Ghost and image every hard disk of all my computers to an external hard disk.  It takes less than 15 minutes to backup ~4.5GB worth of data to DVDRW media.

Before Sandy hit, I moved the latest DVDRW backup and the external hard disk to an offsite location "inland" (just in case).


check your CPU useage, if it';s at 100% then that is why. 

Open Task Manager by right clicking taskbar and choosing it from context menu, or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. Click Show processes from all users (lower left corner). or go to the PERFORMANCE tab

CPU and Memory columns show the information you want to see.