Only Getting 300-400 mbps

My family has the same problem. My father used a Coax cable to wire up my laptop directly. And when we’re paying for the most expensive plan I’m only getting around 300-400 mbps. We’ve contacted Tech Support, bought a fiber router, and we also ordered an extension router for that (with overnight shipping) which hasn’t come in yet. At this point if it comes in and is slower we’re swapping to Comcast, end of story.

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Make sure your MoCA adapters (Coax Ethernet Bridges) are at least MoCA 2.0 bonded. G1100's MoCA only goes to 500Mbps+.

Comcast has data caps and they don't sell as many MoCA products as Verizon does.


Ha ha I loved that part about doesn’t sell as many moca products as Verizon does.

probably because cable uses modems and not routers.

and data caps maybe charged. I guess they are coming under pressure from consumers and the new FCC.

cable now offers gigabit service in many areas. However not asymmetrical.