Ordered FiOS. They installed DSL. They refused to drop charges for the DSL we did not sign up for.

This is more of a rant because we just today concealed our FiOS service after about 1 month of trying to get it to work.

We ordered Fios because of how fast it is supposed to be. But at first they did not send the router we ordered. Then it came but had no Coax port. So they sent someone to install an ethernet port in our house so we could get the fast Fios speeds. 

That person came while I was at work and I came back to find he had installed a DLS port instead. So instead of 400Mb/s we had 3Mb/s.

What makes this worse I asked them not to charge us for the 3Mb/s DSL because we had not signed up for DSL and I did not think we should have to pay for a service we did not order. They said they would not drop the charges because we were receiving DSL service. But they would send someone later that week to install Fios. 

I decided not to make a big issue because we would only be paying for DSL for a few days and I was looking forward to FIOS speeds. 

Today the person came and he said he had been sent to troubleshoot DSL but he was not there to install FIOS.

So up to today we were charged for a DSL service we never ordered and we still don't have the fast FIOS service promised to us. We just canceled our service and I will be trying to get my money refunded. 

I don't know what can be done now.  And maybe this rant won't solve anything, but I wanted someone to hear about this because I am surprised it is even legal to charge us for DSL when we never signed up for DSL.

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Check your order details. It might very well say what Verizon will do if FiOS is not available.