Outage and Related Customer Service Experience

It appears that yesterday there was an outage of service in my area.  My service was interrupted for ~14 hours; this strikes me as a normal occurence and the up-time I've experienced with Verizon has been fine.  However, when the service went down I called support and got assistance from an automated system which had me do ~10 minutes worth of troubleshooting before telling me there was an outage.  I went to the website which assured me there was no outage and, as a result, called in to speak with a CSRep.  I waited on hold for 89 minutes before someone picked up.  During that time I went through ~30 minutes of additional troubleshooting on the website (because it assured me there was no outage).  When I finally spoke with a CSRep (which I actually got in touch with at about the 85th minute by placing a second call on a second phone where I only had to wait ~8 minutes to speak with someone) they guessed that the issue was an outage and told me they couldn't discuss an account credit until after the issue was resolve.  To his credit, the CSRep called me back today and we discussed the credit - the most I was offered was a $10 credit (~$4 for the outage and $6 for the inconvenience). 

Given the terrible customer service experience (a roughly 1.5 hour hold to find out information that your systems should have been in agreement about, the fact that other calls, including my own other call, were answered before my original call, and the lack of a clear explanation for the service interruption when I finally spoke with a CSRep) I find this wholly unsatisfactory. 

There doesn't appear to be a place to submit a written support question or ticket so I am writing this here and asking that someone at Verizon explain to me why this is a reasonable response to the level of service I received yesterday.  As I'm told that this level of inconvenience credit is "policy" & based on a system (which I was denied an explanation of) I'd like to have a written response from Verizon - explaining the policy and why this level of compensation is deemed sufficient - which I can include when I write my Congressman, Senators, the FTC, and the FCC about the horrid customer service Verizon provides and implore them to fine or institute regulations on the telecom oligopoly to address these issues.

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