Re: Verizon gave me a free Wireless N Router

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I don't always have FiOS trucks in front of my house. I did once think of pulling up in front of one and putting on my breaks, or trying to pull up next to one driving down the road, but I never seem to have my router with me.

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I did see your tip some time ago. Good advice.Smiley Wink

I just called back today to get the tracking number. I had purchased a Hawking High Gain AP-300N Access point a while back. It has been running as an access point for some time. I think I will switch it to bridge mode on my third floor and see what I pick up. Of course I will connect it to my Actiontec WiFi only. All I know is I have a few gigabit switches, and now with the new router, I think I may finally retire this old 16 port 10/100 switch, and perhaps use all my old cat 5 as drag lines for new CAT6.