PPPoE server not found

My internet has been going on and off since i first got it.. its been going on for about two months now.. been on the phone with verizon many times and still this is happening.. every 30-60mins my internet goes out.. sometimes less then that.. is there no end to this? 

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hi, I had the same problem. Two weeks off an on being in internet chat support.  I watch YouTube videos on a Sony TV, not that old.  Every night internet disconnect again and again.  I recently had FiOS quantum gigabit service installed, and it was crashing almost every night after a few hours of steady service.

Finally saw the sony network troubleshooting message stating that my router needed a PPPoE configuration.  Wow, that seems to be a major changes. Instead, I discovered that I could set my Sony TV's IP address to DHCP, and the change saved.

 I read on Livewire that a DHCP conflict can indeed destabilize the entire network, even on LAN Ethernet connection, and that it is a difficult to troubleshoot solution.  This may also explain why I couldn't connect to WIFI with my Sony TV.

I sure hope this setting change on the TV to Network I P address DHCP fixes this frustrating problem

Hope this helps fix this time consuming and frustrating disconnect issue; from what I read it is a  possible fix (I'm not a network administrator). ✌️🙏