PS3 Network Configuration question
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Hey guys...sorry if this has been asked before. 

Here is my setup...

I have an Actiontec MI424-WR router upstairs where my office is as I have multiple computers in there.  Then downstairs I have my DVR where the coaxial is coming from the wall to the DVR and I have two other rooms where coaxial is going into set top boxes.  I also have my PS3 right next to my DVR and it is using a wireless signal to the router upstairs.

Here is my dilemma...

I want to keep my Actiontec router upstairs in my office so I can have the option of hard wiring my comptures into it as keeping the highest speed and ease of the router in my office is important.  However I found that for several games I play I tend to have some odd connection issues (very inconsistent) but in all my searching it appears to be something I can resolve by hard wiring my PS3 into my network.

My Question...

Is there a way to keep my Actiontec router upstairs but also take the coaxial that is feeding into the DVR and somehow split it so I can feed it into my DVR and also into my PS3? Maybe use another router or is there a device I can feed the coaxial into and then it can output a CAT-5 for my PS3 and a Coaxial for my DVR?

If that won't work any other thoughts? There really is no way for me to feed a long LAN cable through my walls to my PS3.  That's just not an option.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts guys!

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I dont think they have anything that could do that, but have you heard about a powerline adapter? check this out:

this might help 🙂 the splitting of the coax to internet, i dont think would work 😞

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Wow! I have never heard of that even being possible! My mind is just boggled trying to understand how this works!

BTW...should I be concerned about electrical surges with something like that?

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While powerline can work ... with a FiOS installation, you will find that a MoCA bridge will be a better option.   The ActionTec HME2200/ECB2200 is what you want and what I use personally.   Runs about $80 and you can get them from numerous online retailers.

Simply install a standard splitter (rate for digital networks with a 5-1000mhz rating) onto your coax, connect one output to the DVR and connect the other to the MoCA bridge.   The bridge is plug and play and requires no configuration -- it will automatically pair with your Verizon internet router and provide you with a wired ethernet port to which you can connect the PS/3.  

If you have additional devices to connect at the same location, you can install a small 5 port switch (also available from numerous suppliers online for less than $20 in most cases) and connect addition systems to the MoCA bridge.