PSP connection problems to Verizon FiOs WPA2 router

Does anybody out there know how to connect a Playstation Portable game system to a Verizon Fios WPA2 router so that it can get the internet, etc.?When i get to the part that shows the various local networks  on the PSP my networks are blurred and the neighbors are readable. I tried inputting the routers SSID and password but keep getting some kind of error message about the characters being wrong.

I know the PSP was set up for WPA routers and not the newer WPA2 routers [which are more secure] but there must be some kind of workaround to get the PSP to recognize the WPA2 router (and not just the neighbors older routers)

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A quick google search shows that PSP with WPA2 can be problematic.

My suggestion is to do a search and see what help is available there.

I did see there may be firmware updates to PSP and/or WPA2 settings that may help in getting connected.

Good Luck.

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The Playstation Portable (PSP 1000/2000/3000 NA and EU models as well as some JP models) does not have support for WPA2 (hardware limitation) so even though it will show networks using that security type ityou will not be able to connect to them.

You will have to downgrade the security type for your network in order to be able to connect to your router.


My wife has no issue connecting to the house network. However we don’t use the Verizon routers WiFi which is junk.

the simple process is simple to find your own SSID and select it. You say blurred? I don’t understand that one.

you could go into the routers settings and change the name of your network name and also change the password to something easier. Sort of like your confirmation name, or a nickname or the name of a parent or friend. Easy for you but harder for others.