Package changes with upgrading router. Don't be mislead

Last week, a Verizon tech assisted me when my phone had no dial tone.  While fixing the issue, he asked if he could review my account, which I agreed to.  He recommended upgrading my router to the highest speed, stated he would waive the $149 installation fee, and calculated my monthly savings to be approximately $50 per month.  I re-iterated what he said, and he replied yes, that I understood correctly.  I received an email confirmation for my appointment, which I did not scrutinize thoroughly (which I now regret).

Yesterday, a tech came to my home and upgraded the router, running the appropriate wires, etc.  When he was done, I received an email stating 'an update was made to my order'.  Last night, I noticed I was missing many channels I originally had (HBO; Cinemax...).  I looked at the email, and saw my previous Fios TV Ultimate HD was replaced with the new The Most FiosTV 3.0.  I called Customer Support, to find the new TV package does not include HBO or Cinemax.  I have no idea what else I lost, but, for $25 a month I can re-purchase them.  I asked to re-instate the Fios TV Ultimate HD, but it no longer is available.

If you speak with a Verizon Rep who suggests upgrading your router, ask for the full story.  I was not verbally notified of the additional changes when I upgraded the router.  I was led to believe I would get a faster router, save approx. $50 a month, and was unaware on ANY OTHER CHANGES!  Since I verbally discussed the upgrade, I did not scrutinize the email confirmation (again - my regret).

I feel Verizon is misleading a lot of people with the way the increased router speed is being sold.  They should be open, and explain everything clearly.  This is why you speak with people verbally.  Honestly, if I did see the change in the email, it never outlined which channels I would gain or lose.  

So, basically, I have an upgraded router, am saving approx. $25 per month, and have no idea if other channels I previously had are lost, and am waiting to see if any changes happen to my phone service that I was not told about.

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